Friday, April 6, 2007

Thom is a Jerk...

First order of business, Thom Provost is an impatient jerk.
Second order of business, I fell asleep today so I could not update.
That is all.

Innes Wilson
Innes Wilson - With Archangels
June 23 he will be at Phog Lounge!

Entire Cities
<--Best looking myspace I have ever seen.
Entire Cities - Marshall's 5 lost years

Will not be at the Phog lounge on June 23rd.
And for the record Guelph =! Toronto.

Also buy Brother Ali's album "The Undisputed Truth" on April 10th. I can see this being one of my top 10 hip hop cds of the year, if not on my overall top 10.

Jon (losing is my motif evidently)