Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Be Good or Be Gone

Fionn Regan - Be Good or Be Gone

You know, I really love Detroit. I like Kwame, too. How do we comprehend this mess?

In the year 2080... In the year 2080!

I can't sleep when I think about the times we're living in. I can't sleep when I think about a future I was born into. Outside's dressed up like Sunday morning. But with no Berlin wall, what the hell am I going to do? It's the new year and I'm glad to be here, it's the first spring, so let's sing. In 2080 I'll surely be dead, so don't look ahead-never look ahead.

And so are the thoughts of Brooklyn pop-ambient-electric foursome Yeasayer. The band formed in 2006 (which seems like yesterday... I guess I'll be saying the same thing in 2080) releasing 2080 and Sunrise as singles. Conan O Brien called Yeasayer the best band to hit late night until Conan. He also enjoys their music.

Yeasayer - 2080

Pickle the pain.

Monday, March 24, 2008

April is the cruelest month

To all Ontarians (14-19): we hope you are enjoying your 4-day weekend.
To all Ontario union workers: we're sorry you couldn't have a 4-day weekend.

Mark Kozelek is releasing a new record this April (to be titled April) under his Sun Kil Moon moniker. To be released on April Fools Day, it is rumoured (perhaps confirmed?) that Will Oldham (Mr. Bonnie Prince Billy) and Ben Gibbard (Mr. Cutie Postal Serviceman) will be making guest vocal appearances. The entire album is available for streaming on SKM's MySpace (of course, 56k) and FOLLY magazine published a great interview with Mark in February of 2007 (found here.)

Sun Kil Moon - The Light (YouSendIt)
Sun Kil Moon - The Light (YouSendIt Link #2)

Sorry Norm, looks like I beat you.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Urban Black Mail

There are 3:35 left in the Memphis/Miss State game right now, and I have a feeling the Tigers are going to win this one. This is not necessarily a good thing because the winner of this game plays my favourite, Michigan State, and Memphis is seeded in the #1 spot. But during the "words" from my local station, the fortune-500 filled break featured a familiar voice, a familiar beat--or so I thought! Upon googling, Saul Williams' track "List of Demands" plays on the 60-second Nike commercial, embedded below. The track is strikingly similar to TV on The Radio's "Wolf Like Me." Nonetheless, great track, have a listen.

Saul William - List of Demands (YouSendIt)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some people say...

This disappoints me. I am a relative newcomer to the sardonic attitude of Cat Power, having drifted by her press for years, carrying the notion that perhaps she was a typical female solo guitarist/singer. This is obviously not the truth! The singing on "Ramblin' Women" is so very reminiscent of Windsorite Steph Copeland. So, having given her recently released (January 22, 2008) LP Jukebox a listen, and coming across Pitchfork's ripping review, I have concluded that you either love or hate folk music.

Cat Power groups rather well with my favourite blues musician, Sam Lightnin' Hopkins. It should also be noted that Jukebox is titled so for a reason; the LP is all cover songs. I can understand how the LP might not be a spark for many listeners, because of the straightforward simplicity of the music. But you fall in love with Chan Marshall's voice, and the accompanying emptiness between verses. If you know the words she is singing, you will stumble on your feet to hear her sing in person. Have a go for yourself, this is her cover of New York, New York (popularized by Sinatra/Minelli.)

Cat Power - New York

In other news, I am now friends with Matthew Good via flickr. Is anyone else enjoying NCAA basketball?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Damn Heathens!

Noted southern rockers The Heathens have broken up! We are late in conveying this news...8 months late, but the little spark-plug of a band always slipped under the radar. The video for their single "Stickin' Around", off of their only-LP Big White House, showed at the Los Angeles Film Festival.


It was almost impossible last night to get a decent shot but this is the best that I could do.

Justice: Royal Oak, MI March 19th 2008










Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Fuck

Viddinet, a New York (Brooklyn) based video website (not so much a blog, more so a compilation website) followed Brian Borcherdt's Holy Fuck around town as they set up before a concert recently.

Video link killed the electronic music star.

Go to Viddies > 4th option from the top.

Swearing isn't so bad!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I will eat your heart

Death Cab for Cutie return to the mainstage in 2008 with the release of their 6th LP, Narrow Stairs, this early-Spring. Officially their second "major label" record, the Bellingham-bred boys have claimed this record (the entirety of which was recorded and produced by guitarist Chris Walla between Portland and Seattle) is entirely their own crafting, no label input. This is justified by the "outrageous" length of their single, "I Will Possess Your Heart", released today, which stands in at 08:35.

The track itself is very pleasant. A nearly 3.5 minute intro of drum/bass/swells/piano is very reminiscent of a hallucinogenic influenced American Analog Set--especially the vibraphone part that concludes every 4th bar. I picture Gibbard swaying in typical fashion, sporting a long sleeve plaid button-up, rolled past the elbows (coincidentally what I am wearing currently) having freshly bummed a smoke from John Byrd. Andrew Kenny is dressed the same, but with cowboy boots. MDMA, or perhaps simply buddha, has closed his eyes; yet, his metronomic strumming remains constant, and impressively on-time.

Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart

Ben Gibbard's lyrics still contain repetition of the word love. And heart. And advances. Will this boy ever grow up? Or will he ever find love? I thought he was doing just fine with Sarah.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


******* ******
0 out of 23 people would date her

This message was originally intended for Jon, but he was offline, so...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Best of 2007

Did we miss one?

Nope, we didn't miss it. But damn, is it a good album.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Detroit Zoos Cal?

Having just arrived intact from a trip to Detroit (I'm joking, I love the motor city) I felt the need to share some contemporary Detroit acts. I have posted Pas/Cal before, and ranted about their precision on many occasion; however, what exists beyond these forward slashed boundaries?

Zoos of Berlin - On Large Amusements
Sa Sevol - An Easy Promise
Computer Perfection - Silence is a Shadow's Dream

Finally, I have discovered my new favourite Detroit musicians. Javelins are on Suburban Sprawl Records and are releasing their LP March 22nd? Regardless, their CD is at CJAM, and we played it this past Thursday and will play it again tomorrow. This one is for Chris White.

Javelins - El Dorado

The Javelins link is up for only 7 days, or 100 downloads. So don't expect it to be around when you come back! Kind of like your car in downtown Detroit! Lolerz!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I apologise to all you German fans for being absent lately, I'm a total workhorse when it comes to things. I'm going to be on lockdown until mid April, so be patient. For your pleasure, some great underground hip hop: Born Ruffians.

Born Ruffians - Tic Toc

Stay awake,

The Jammies

The Jammies are here, the jammies are here.

Vote for The Breakthrough (AKA Thom and Jon in the Morning) in the "Best Indie Rock Show" category.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Birth of a Nation

*Caugh* Birth of a Nation *Caugh*

Common - Black Maybe

Get it?


Thursday, March 6, 2008

This week's Playlist

This weeks playlist. No much to say other than I highly, highly recommend the "Maybe, Smith" song "Open War"... It is clickable.

plants and animals-good friend
kat burns-under sheets
forest city lovers-don't go
hayden-did I wake up beside you?
forest city lovers-watching the streetlights grow
born ruffians-hummingbird
kate maki-white noise
beach house-turtle island
silver mt zion-black waters blowed/engine broke blues
ladyhawk-faces of death
Ryan adams-political scientist
tacoma hellfarm tragedy-creek fills
black mountain-jugganaut
maybe smith-open war

It was an interesting show to say the least. The song by "Maybe, Smith" is the greatest thing to ever come out of Western Canada, and as an Ontarian I feel that my opinion is the final word. Wait for the ending of the song with all of those deliciously wonderful, La La La La's. Trust me if you do not sing along you are void of any emotional depth and possibly lack a soul, which means you may be a vampire, so I think it is time for you to ask yourself some existential questions.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Old Pornographers

Hopefully someone finds this as funny as me.

Not only do these magazines display complete nudity, but they do so in a perverted manner!

New Charlatans

Hey Man!
Oh Hey!
Guess, What?
I just got the brand new Charlatans album.
Fuck You I didn't think that was in stores yet?
It's not.
Jon, You're an asshole. Piracy is Wrong.
Even when it's band sanctioned?
Even when it is band sanctioned.
Is it still piracy than?
Hey look its snowing out again.

With all of these bands releasing their music for free piracy may actually go out of business...

The Whole album is here.(zip)

You just want one mp3 you say? Why not try the title track?

The Charlatans - You Cross My Path

A possibly schizophrenic,


Sunday, March 2, 2008


I am Jacked for Justice on the 19th.

To Hold me over we get this nostalgia inducing video...QUICK NAME ALL THE LABELS.