Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Detroit Zoos Cal?

Having just arrived intact from a trip to Detroit (I'm joking, I love the motor city) I felt the need to share some contemporary Detroit acts. I have posted Pas/Cal before, and ranted about their precision on many occasion; however, what exists beyond these forward slashed boundaries?

Zoos of Berlin - On Large Amusements
Sa Sevol - An Easy Promise
Computer Perfection - Silence is a Shadow's Dream

Finally, I have discovered my new favourite Detroit musicians. Javelins are on Suburban Sprawl Records and are releasing their LP March 22nd? Regardless, their CD is at CJAM, and we played it this past Thursday and will play it again tomorrow. This one is for Chris White.

Javelins - El Dorado

The Javelins link is up for only 7 days, or 100 downloads. So don't expect it to be around when you come back! Kind of like your car in downtown Detroit! Lolerz!


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