Thursday, March 6, 2008

This week's Playlist

This weeks playlist. No much to say other than I highly, highly recommend the "Maybe, Smith" song "Open War"... It is clickable.

plants and animals-good friend
kat burns-under sheets
forest city lovers-don't go
hayden-did I wake up beside you?
forest city lovers-watching the streetlights grow
born ruffians-hummingbird
kate maki-white noise
beach house-turtle island
silver mt zion-black waters blowed/engine broke blues
ladyhawk-faces of death
Ryan adams-political scientist
tacoma hellfarm tragedy-creek fills
black mountain-jugganaut
maybe smith-open war

It was an interesting show to say the least. The song by "Maybe, Smith" is the greatest thing to ever come out of Western Canada, and as an Ontarian I feel that my opinion is the final word. Wait for the ending of the song with all of those deliciously wonderful, La La La La's. Trust me if you do not sing along you are void of any emotional depth and possibly lack a soul, which means you may be a vampire, so I think it is time for you to ask yourself some existential questions.


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