Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some people say...

This disappoints me. I am a relative newcomer to the sardonic attitude of Cat Power, having drifted by her press for years, carrying the notion that perhaps she was a typical female solo guitarist/singer. This is obviously not the truth! The singing on "Ramblin' Women" is so very reminiscent of Windsorite Steph Copeland. So, having given her recently released (January 22, 2008) LP Jukebox a listen, and coming across Pitchfork's ripping review, I have concluded that you either love or hate folk music.

Cat Power groups rather well with my favourite blues musician, Sam Lightnin' Hopkins. It should also be noted that Jukebox is titled so for a reason; the LP is all cover songs. I can understand how the LP might not be a spark for many listeners, because of the straightforward simplicity of the music. But you fall in love with Chan Marshall's voice, and the accompanying emptiness between verses. If you know the words she is singing, you will stumble on your feet to hear her sing in person. Have a go for yourself, this is her cover of New York, New York (popularized by Sinatra/Minelli.)

Cat Power - New York

In other news, I am now friends with Matthew Good via flickr. Is anyone else enjoying NCAA basketball?

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