Friday, June 29, 2007

The Wizard of...

A short post from Thomas now commences:

Hey, sorry for the delay. This past week has been my freedom week before another 4 weeks of school comes this way. I also have been keeping busy by riding my bicycle for 5 hours a day.

Black Moth Super Rainbow are from West Pennsylvania, born and raised; on the playground is where they spent most of their days. Chilling out, acid-ing, relaxing all cool and producing some tripped out music outside after school. Until a couple of guys, who were acting all mean, started playing drums into a tape machine. They got in one little fight and their moms got scared, but they grew up and got better making music more fair.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Forever Heavy

* (Stars)

Stars are coming out with their fourth full-length album, the follow up to 2004's stellar "Set Yourself on Fire". The album will be called "In Our Bedroom After The War" and will be out September 25th on Arts and Crafts Records.

The lead off single will be "The Night Starts Here"

August and September are shaping up to be some rough months for my credit card.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh No! Oh My!

Who's in the mood for fun airy pop? You? Me? All of us? The boys from Austin are back with a new EP, a new tour, a new label, and a new lease on my heart. Between the Devil and the Sea will be released on Dim Mak Records on August 7th, 2007. And Keeping with the tradition of bands that I enjoy they will be missing Detroit... :(

US Tour Dates:
July 5 – Austin, TX @ The Parish
July 12 – Lubbock, TX @ Jake’s Backroom
July 14 – Las Vegas, NV @ Beauty Bar *
July 17 – Santa Barbara, CA @ Velvet Jones *
July 18 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent *
July 19 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour *
July 20 – San Diego, CA @ Beauty Bar @
August 10 – Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone Café
August 13 – Boston, MA @ TT the Bear’s %
August 14 – Montreal, QC @ Main Hall %
August 15 – Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace %
August 16 - Cleveland , OH @ Beachland Ballroom %
August 17 – Chicago, IL @ Abbey Pub %
August 18 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St. Entry %
August 21 – Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey %
August 22 – Vancouver, BC @ TBA %
August 23 - Portland , OR @ TBA %
August 27 - Tucson , AZ @ TBA %
August 29 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves %
September 1 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon %
September 2 - Birmingham, AL @ Bottle Tree %
September 3 – Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn %
September 4 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 %
September 5 – Washington, DC @ The Rock and Roll Hotel %
September 6 – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar %
September 7 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBA %
September 8 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge %
with The Deadly Syndrome + Let’s Go Sailing!
@ with The Deadly Syndrome
% with Au Revoir Simone

Oh My! More Info!
Oh No! Oh My! - The Party Punch


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Donovan Woods

My new favourite singer-songwriter. Not much to say about him other than that I have fallen in love with his album, "The Hold Up". The songs are simple and the lyrics aren't terribly complex, which reminds me of Bright Eyes, but I can bear him for more than five minutes at a time. Actually he doesn't remind me of Bright Eyes I just needed a quick comparison. So if you hate Bright Eyes (amen) don't worry I promise you will like this chap.

The Myspace
Two Times Music.
Donovan Woods- He Drinks Gas
Donovan Woods - Virginia Firm


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Kevin Drew, Presented by BSS

"On September 18, Arts & Crafts will release the first in a series of "Broken Social Scene Presents" albums. Spirit If... by Kevin Drew, unfolds like an emotional comic book. Drew's songwriting addresses all his favourite topics: fucking, fighting, fearing and hope.

BSS co-founder Brendan Canning will also release a solo album, due in early 2008. Drew and Canning decided to make records as solo projects, drawing in the social scene community to play key supporting roles, in a return to the creative process that was the initial spark for BSS."

Who hasn't wanted to read an emotional comic book that included fucking, fighting and fearing?

So I'm just going to pretend in my mind that all of these Broken Social Scene Presents albums, are just new Broken Social Scene albums and judge them as such.

Kevin Drew - Tbtf


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nordique Music

Fresh from Québec is a new music scene; the growing trend is well produced and composed electronica music (De l'influence de Stereolab, probelement.) The artists are prominently Millimetric, Montag, Tiga and Akida, today's feature.

Nordique music is the label that Kim Gaboury (Akido) runs. The music has a lot less to do with MSTRKRFT but rather the Dan Snaith (Manitoba/Caribou) subtleties. My favourite song from his 2005 album Playtime is the Oriental "China Babies." A live __VIDEO__ for the song can bee seen there, a set opening for Malajube. An mp3 is available on his __WEBSITE__. His brother Martin also has __HIS__ music project.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Immaculate Machine

Immaculate Machine is Brooke Gallupe on guitar, Kathryn Calder on keyboards, and Luke Kozlowski on drums. The band I suppose is most famous for there relation to The New Pornographers through Kathryn. I have become obsessed with the incredibly epic song "C'mon Sealegs" and the cd has even infiltrated into my older Michael Buble lovin' sister's itunes playlist.
The Myspace
A live set from Winnipeg

Immaculate Machine - C'mon Sealegs*


Just a Note this is hosted on Xdrive so hopefully it downloads properly.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What the Folk Pt. 2

We love Flight of the Conchords, we do its true. The new show on HBO will feature these two scruffy kiwi's. Here is the first episode.


Sam Bean =! Jim Bean

Well, trolling My Old Kentucky Blog has finally paid off! Apparently the new Iron and Wine album has leaked! WOOT! WOOT! (I believe that term is trademarked by Cassandra Caverhill)

Iron and WIne - Boy with a Coin

The Shepherd's Dog is due Sept. 25th on Sub Pop.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Nearing 200

Last Wednesday, The National played a packed Magic Stick in Detroit. Along with openers Talkdemonic and Shapes and Sizes, all 3 bands performing have been MP3this! "featurettes".

For whatever reason, the place didn't open up until a good 45 minutes after the advertised time; the guys from The National could be seen 10 feet in front of the door, waiting until a nondescript black Audi came and scooped them all up. Rather than give a show review, Talkdemonic performed well (although more on stage members are encouraged) and Shapes and Sizes might have had an "off night." More importantly, what the fuck was Caila Thompson-Hannant wearing? The National were smooth.

The National - Fashion Coat
(the most requested song that evening, for good reason)
CSS - Meeting Paris Hilton (because I really do laugh at the fact CNN covers this shit for over 3 hours a night, ignoring every problem on the Earth that deserves and needs national broadcasting)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Acoustic Live

I'm now going to redirect you to a Blogger counterpart who posted a really wicked post.

Featured are: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Futureheads and Sebadoh.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Stage Names

The New Okkervil River album is due out August 5th on Jagjaguwar records and the Lead-off track has been out for a couple weeks and it is truly a beautiful thing. I am now officially pumped for it because of the "Deluxe Edition" that will be released. WOOT WOOT! Time to clear some room on the VISA to purchase that bad it bad that I need to make room on my VISA for a 15 purchase?

Okkervil River - Or Life is not a Movie or Maybe

And if there are any techies out there that can answer a question regarding the Hype Machine and why not all of our post get updated on it I would be extremely thankful.


Monday, June 4, 2007

White Rabbits

The White Rabbits debut album has been out for a little over a week now and I it is quickly becoming one of my favourite albums of '07 (Boxer beats it out ever so slightly, but that had to grow on me).

White Rabbits

The Gushing review from Pitchfork.

And the fucking fantastic opening track from the album.

White Rabbits - Kid on my Shoulders

I know let it all sink in.


Sunday, June 3, 2007


I am a mad spinner, DJ extraordinaire. You can hear some of my remixes on CJAM, especially in the archives. The standout track for my current 2007 vitae was a remix of The Pogues.

Kid Koala is an equally mastered spinner. Here is one of his singles, Fender Bender, off of 2000's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.