Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Stage Names

The New Okkervil River album is due out August 5th on Jagjaguwar records and the Lead-off track has been out for a couple weeks and it is truly a beautiful thing. I am now officially pumped for it because of the "Deluxe Edition" that will be released. WOOT WOOT! Time to clear some room on the VISA to purchase that bad it bad that I need to make room on my VISA for a 15 purchase?

Okkervil River - Or Life is not a Movie or Maybe

And if there are any techies out there that can answer a question regarding the Hype Machine and why not all of our post get updated on it I would be extremely thankful.


1 comment:

Normand said...

Thom, Jon.
Come see me and sean play at pasta night.
And Jon, buy me the album.
That'd be great.