Saturday, June 9, 2007

Nearing 200

Last Wednesday, The National played a packed Magic Stick in Detroit. Along with openers Talkdemonic and Shapes and Sizes, all 3 bands performing have been MP3this! "featurettes".

For whatever reason, the place didn't open up until a good 45 minutes after the advertised time; the guys from The National could be seen 10 feet in front of the door, waiting until a nondescript black Audi came and scooped them all up. Rather than give a show review, Talkdemonic performed well (although more on stage members are encouraged) and Shapes and Sizes might have had an "off night." More importantly, what the fuck was Caila Thompson-Hannant wearing? The National were smooth.

The National - Fashion Coat
(the most requested song that evening, for good reason)
CSS - Meeting Paris Hilton (because I really do laugh at the fact CNN covers this shit for over 3 hours a night, ignoring every problem on the Earth that deserves and needs national broadcasting)

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