Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weeks Vacation

So I'm not the boy with the cold. I've developed a bad caugh, cold/fever combo. I described it to a customer at work yesterday as "the purgatory between common cold and fiery fever." However, I've got my new winter coat on that's keeping me warm. Just a reminder to all our German readers that Apparat's new album Walls is excellent, and to attend any of his jam sessios in his native Berlin if you get the chance. I know I never will.

This post features St. Vincent, a musician who with the help of the internet (and Stereogum, Gorilla vs Bear, etc) has propelled into the hearts of many. Her voice is like Leslie Fiest, and her guitar work twice as good. She plays a beautiful telecaster (Nashville edition, with the third pickup in the middle of the pick gaurd--ew!)

Anyways, she covered The Beatles's "Dig a Pony".

Please sit still while i try to pin your flowers on.

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