Friday, January 11, 2008

Slow is winter

I think I finally realized what the name Wintersleep truly means. Although allusions to hibernation prove highly unlikely, the Nova Scotia boy's are 100% alluding to the dullness of winter, and the speed at which it seems to move. Sleeping winter, sleeping bear.

I am doing artwork based on the sleeping giant.

Music update? You bet not. If you're a CJAM-mer reading this (which you most likely are) remember that tonight, 8:00pm at the Dominion House, is the Holiday Party. Please be sure to wear your skivvies, this is no rodeo-opera.

I shall now steal bandwidth from Sterogum. BLACK MOUNTAIN is releasing a new album on January 22nd (Jagjaguwar) titled In The Future.

Black Mountain - Tyrants

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