Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Returning to the fold

This week marked the launch of the new pitchfork.tv, and well it is entertaining and acts as an amazing distractor while hard at work. Also the ability to download some of the clips, is fantastic.

The Thermals - Returning to the Fold (Video)

On the matter of videos there is a new dvd coming out about The National..trailer is here.
It also includes an EP, which is 12 songs long...so its not really an EP at all.

01 "You've Done It Again, Virginia" (previously unreleased)
02 "Santa Clara" (UK b-side)
03 "Blank Slate" (UK b-side)
04 "Tall Saint" (demo)
05 "Without Permission" (unreleased cover)
06 "Forever After Days" (demo)
07 "Rest Of Years" (demo)
08 "Slow Show" (demo)
09 "Lucky You" (Daytrotter session)
10 "Mansion On The Hill" (live)
11 "Fake Empire" (live)
12 "About Today" (live)



gus the elephant said...

I don't think an EP is defined by number of tracks. There should be a reason to releasing an EP.

Extended Player.

In this case, it coincides with Boxer and the DVD release, so it's "extending" the LP.

Norman said...

Good to have you back.
Even though I see you everyday

johnnehm said...

Extended play (EP) is the name typically given to vinyl records or CDs which contain more music than a single, but are too short to qualify as albums. Usually, an EP has around 10–20 minutes of music, a single has up to 10 minutes and an album has 30–80 minutes. Mini-LP's generally contain 20-30 minutes of music.