Monday, September 15, 2008

Today's Playlist

Sorry for the delay...

Okkervil River Singer-Songwriter
Young Rival Your Island
Oxford Collapse The Birthday Wars
Brasstronaut Requiem for Scene
Snailhouse They Won't Believe You
Johnney West Condensed Journey of a Trees
Band of Annuals Ain't Looking Back
Passion Pit Sleepyhead<----- listen to this fucking song!
Fembots Good Days
Broadcast Radio Harbour
Pas/Cal The Truth Behind All The Vogues She Sold
Hexes and Ohs HHHighschool
Mandibles Mood Alarm
Sebastien Grainger Map of the World
Blitzen Trapper Sleepytime in the Western World
Wintergloves Factories
Azeda Booth Aislinn Bos. Y
Gunther He-Man

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