Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Choose Zach Braff

John, I am sorry that I am posting a post on the same day as you, but let's consider this a lucky saturday. Double update saturday, September Sixteenth.
This is important though.[And it may be long]

Last night I went to see "The Last Kiss", and it was incredible. Although for the first bit I couldn't stop thinking of Andrew Largeman, eventually I got over it and accepted Zach Braff as Michael and loved every part of the film. I thought the music was placed very nicely and the whole story kept me very interested. I think the ending could have been a little longer so that we'd find more out of the other characters(I won't give anything away) but other than that I thought it was amazing.

I will plug music, as this is, ya=ou know, a music blog: It won't be Snow Patrol either... oh.
But I would like to say that a band called-
Athlete is outstanding, and if it weren't for the film I wouldn't have found out about them. They may also be found Here
The whole soundtrack is really good. There's a great Cary Brothers song in the movie as well and also songs from:
Rachael Yamagata, Rufus Wainwright, Coldplay, and Imogen Heap, and a bunch more.

The movie is really good and I would highly recommend you spend tonight or any other day you get a chance, watching this movie and then going and buying The soundtrack, it's worth it.

Sorry for stealing your time and John's post.

Go Down

And read that post below, it's vital to your life.
I'll be at that show, by the by.



johnnehm said...

I hate you....

If only because I'm lonely and I have no one to see it with, and no Tommy I won't go see it with you.

Spring Soliloquy said...

Oh just see it with him

gus the elephant said...

yea, come on.

elev8 said...

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