Thursday, November 9, 2006

This is the story of the boys who loved you!

And I'm sure all the boys[and girls there] were in love, for sure.
The Decemberists were outstanding.
After a risky journey out of country we ended up at Clutch Cargos and the shock of finally seeing a man I completely admire overwhelmed me. We bought some shirts and went searching for a good spot. We listened to the opening act, Allister Roberts, who were very good Scottish/Folk music. After finding places very close to the stage we stood around anticipating the arrival of dare I say, the best band EVER?
The announcement instructed us to greet the people around us and then welcomed the Decemberists. They took to the stage to a mass of applause and opened with the Crane Wife #3. They varied between their new stuff, The perfect Crime #2, The dark Shankill Butchers, An amazing performance of The Island, a breathtaking O, Valencia(which John has video of beneath) and got the crowd singing on election day to-Sons & Daughers. They played a few songs from Picaresque and even playing a rowdy July, July from Castaways and Cut-outs. They closed the set with A Cautionary Song, bringing members of the band to the floor to act out the execution of Anne Bolin. When they left the stage everyone remained right where they were, screaming and clapping until Colin emerged, picking into a fantastic Red Right Ankle I was blown away. Their encore was incredible and the whole show was overwhelming. I highly suggest you go see them if they come by your area, go out of your way if you must because they really put on an amazing live show.


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Nelfewchelfurch said...

Love that song and that band! :-)