Monday, March 19, 2007


So I was thinking among other things, the despite what they say, Canada is pretty equal to USA if not greater. Take a look at this:

Andrew Bird----------------------Final Fantasy
Mountain Goats-----------------Destroyer
Marissa Nadler-----------------Julie Doiron
WSLY Boris Yeltin--------------Tokyo Police Club
Of Montreal-----------------------Hidden Cameras/The Unicorns
Explosions In The Sky---------Do Make Say Think
Ted Leo & Pharmacists------Joel Plaskett

That seems fair to me. Take into account Canada notoriously gave birth to the concept of Supergroup (See Broken Social Scene) as well as Wintersleep, The Organ, Tiga, Stars, and The Arcade Fire and you'll realize we (Canadians) have it pretty much covered. Any ideas for Canadian counterparts to Wilco, Deerhoof or Blonde Redhead? Similarly, what about parallels to Cadence Weapon, Holy Fuck or Andrew Langille?

Final Fantasy - Peach Plum Pear (Joanna Newsom cover)
Deerhoof - +81


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johnnehm said...

Free Speech --------- Cadence Weapon
Perez Hilton--------- Andrew Langille

Oh Andrew I love you!!!!!

Seriously if you get the chance to track this man down and talk to him you will not be disappointed.