Tuesday, March 20, 2007

USSR relived

I forgot to update yesterday, my apologies. I was busy but I didn't do any of the things I needed to do. Bad day, I reckon. Today wasn't even that great; it just went by.

To make up for the loss, I've got a little Russian Futurists for you all. They appear on the Stars remix album "Can You Trust Your Friends?" coming out soon and are also uber Canadian. This is sweet pop music that is reminiscent of the man that is named in the tracks' title,Paul Simon. The second track, "Our Pen's Out of Ink" is like the subtle chord progression in a Steely Dan song that you love, just before it switches over to the damned Bbminor7 chord to ruin everything. Don't let the name fool you into thinking it alludes to their style either.

The Russian Futurists - Paul Simon
The Russian Futurists - Our Pen's Out of Ink

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