Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hot Springs 250

Does anyone else suffer from random spurting confidence roller coaster rides in the field of mathematics?

Welcome to autumn. Or soon enough, my calendar tells. On the personal notes, I'm getting new glasses, making new music, reading familiar texts and faces. The hallways have become accustomed to my silhouette so much so in fact that they bear little mass in my mind, thus alleviating the boundaries school places on many idle teenagers. I am warmed.

Hot Springs are new Montreal material, but they're solid. The song "Head Rush" faced its name and stacked my mind with the aforementioned thoughts. "Cellophane" carries a 70's rock and roll bass line that is only recognizable to the most ear-tuned; the voice of lead singer Giselle transforms the accustomed into unique in a pseudo-Karen O (sans stress) harmony that surpasses any preconception of direction.

Check them out!

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