Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Fuck the Killers

Only my beloved Tegan and Sara can do the Boss as good as The Boss. Fuck the Killers and their SPringsteen-esque shit.
I think I'm going to marry Tegan. I'll ask her over msn
Jon- Tegan you their?

TeGAn- *(PimPIN AiNt EaSy)* - sup yo.

Jon- Will you consider marrying me?

TeGAn- *(PimPIN AiNt EaSy)* - STfU...nooooway.

Jon- Why not?

TeGAn- *(PimPIN AiNt EaSy)* - Because your gross and I'm a lesbian.

Jon- are you just saying that to...

TeGAn- *(PimPIN AiNt EaSy)* has disconnected.

Anyway... The song is Dancin in the Dark Covered by Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara - Dancing in the Dark


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