Friday, August 11, 2006

I Always Wanted Sunshine

So maybe you know that I like Canadian music. What I am going to do is showcase a couple Canadian bands that I really enjoy, and none of them have much in common with the other... but they are equally as awesome.

First there is a band called North Atlantic Explorers. Obviously their name sparked interest in me, I love the sea, but once I got into the music, I was in love. The songs are beautiful and his voice is just wonderful. And if you take a look at the influences, you should love this band just for mentioning those other artists.
You can check out their myspace here: North Atlantic Explorers
And here is a song-North Atlantic Explorers-Blue Moon on the Rise

Another band is from members of the band Songs from a Room
This band is called Water/Heart and they make great pop songs. They just started so they don't have many songs, but the two that are on myspace are really good: Water/Heart

Last one. Very very good. I will be seeing him tomorrow if all goes well becuase the singing is just incredible. His vocals are so good and the music is great as well. It just goes to show that not every band around here is terrible. Listen to this and enjoy it very much, as I do:
The Run Atlantic on myspace and you can listen to some songs from the album Somewhere in Autum. I will purchase the whole thing tomorrow if I get the chance(and I hope I do)
Sorry this was so long, I will leave you with this:
The Run Atlantic- Surprise

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