Thursday, August 31, 2006

I've got the heart of a Robot

I've held out on this for awhile because...well I don't know. I truly call this man the best artist I have heard in a long time. Just him and some digital shit, and it is incredible. I am inspired everytime I listen to Daniel Hunter and his amazing voice. There aren't enough words to describe how I feel everytime I listen to any one of those songs. Particularly the song:
PlayRadioPlay-I am a Pirate, you are a Princess
Every song is great. His lyrics are great and all of the melodys are brilliant. I am in awe of him and I can do nothing but sing his praises(and wish I could sing, anything, as well as he does). This music is about all that is getting rotation on my iPod lately and I like it that way. honestly, go check out his Myspace and I swear that you will not be disappointed.


johnnehm said...

Not dissapointed...not dissapointed at all.

matt gale said...

Good post jay I like this song and everythign about it except that it confuses me to if a guys singing it or a girl it kinda reminds me of Stars