Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Don't forget the alcohol

Back in the day, there was a soul-infused-alt band performing shitty Pink Floyd covers up on the second floor of punk clubs in Cincinatti. This same band has now reunited, writing and recording a CD slated for a new year release. Though of no important, the shitty Pink Floyd covers story made me laugh; The Afghan Whigs released a few albums quietly in the late 80's and in 1990, eventually signing with Sub Pop (alongside chronological label mates Codeine) to release 1992's Congregation. Though never really penetrating through the mainstream, the guys made TV appearances (talk shows and MTV) and gained a respectable fan base. Most notable is lead singer Greg Dulli's insanely awsome lyrics.

For the longest time (seriously over a year), I had forgotten their name after hearing a song, and only remembered "The Afghan Wings". Google made me doubt their existance, though after some clever searching the "Whigs" settled down in my ears. Enjoy the video, and his cool shades.

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