Friday, October 27, 2006

Pledge Drive Kick-off

Well the CJAM pledge drive is fast approaching and to celebrate there will be some benefit shows in the Windsor Detroit area.

Pledge Drive Kick-Off:

Where: Phog Lounge
When: Monday October 30
Who: Portia and Ron Leary
What: All proceeds go towards CJAM's annual pledge drive totals!

Mid-Drive Fun-raiser Extravaganza:

Where: Avalon Front
When: Friday November 3
Who: What Seas What Shores, The Locusts Have No King
What: Same deal as above

And has anyone heard the new Good Charlotte song. It sounds like the bastard child of Interpol and Cake. :( I like interpol and cake. I hate Good Charlotte. I suppose thats what a diet consisting of Hillary Duff and Cocaine does to you.

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