Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Jon has dissapeared

He has yet to return from vacation, even though our radio show is tomorrow morning (and I don't think I can get there by myself). Hopefully he'll read this message in Sin City, email me within 4 seconds of me publishing it, and tell me he's detained in Windsor, but will be out shortly. Hopefully, but you never know.

A major thanks goes out to POST*RECORDS for sending me 3 sweet CD's. The Heathens, posted previously, are a rocking band from FLA whose single "Sticking Around" (video can be seen HERE, with alternate audio) is memorized in my head (honestly).

So today, while shopping, I picked up the Wilco DVD ("I am trying to break your heart-a film about Wilco by Sam Jones") for a featherweight 29,91$. That aside, the DVD looks very interesting (with solo/live/in-studio/raw performances galore). Below is some good 'ole Wilco (from the DVD):

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johnnehm said...

I'm Back
I just got home 20 min. ago :( I was wondering why you weren't on the radio on the drive into town. Sorry I deliberatly isolated myself over this vacation. No Internet or Cell Phone...But I got some sweet photo's to show.