Saturday, January 6, 2007

Time for celebration

Jon's previous-picture-post was our 100th post. That's pretty sick, considering we're not even a year old. We've received great feedback from bands and also tells us we've had visitors from over 35 countries, every habitable continent in large quantities. I encourage everyone to comment if you like a band we post, or a video. Lately I've been into videos, unintentionally.

Schedule Two is a video posting website that has recorded some great artists in and around the Minneapolis region. Some of those include hometown favourite Tapes 'n Tapes, Maria Taylor, The Oranges Band, POS, John K Samson, Voxtrot and more. Check out the links under "video".

However, more important is their live mp3 section. Julie Doiron, a personal favourite of ours, has a concert featured. Check it out here. If you want the whole show, without even visiting the link, click here for a zipped folder containing it all.

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