Saturday, January 20, 2007

Things To Notice

Thing to notice #1: A minimal(ist) layout change. Arial, with some booms and blips added. I think I'm going to fool around a bit more with it. If you guys and gals don't know, web design (I'd hesitate to say "design in general", for protection of my nuts) is a favourite hobby of mine. It's art, and that's what I like about it. In retrospect, I was a digital artist when I was like 7.

Thing to notice #2: There is a picture of the cutest Windsorite right there(!) on the screen, Cassie. She's a fellow (C)Jammer, and we'd do anything to plug her show.

Thing to notice #3: We've been slow to post this new year, for that notorious end-of-semester bug has taken me in. Jon also has the bug. Don't fear, I've made visual messages (Post-it notes--both physical and virtual) to remind me to post more often.

Things to notice #4: This update does actually contribute an MP3. This is Tycho, an electronic music project of ISO50 founder, Scott Hansen. He's got really cool t-shirts, one of which the architecture/Chicago (city)/Wilco fan inside me won't allow to go un-purchased. You figure out what I'm referencing. Sweet Boards of Canada like song found __here__

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