Thursday, May 17, 2007

Closing Again

There is a circle of musicians in the Toronto area that have reinvented what the phrase "circle of musicians" means. What I'm talking about are circles that turn into other, partially finished circles. So imagine 3 or 4 circles connected, but then around the edges of those circles you have half circles sticking out.

In this case, it's the combination of Three Gut Records, Paper Bag Records, Die!Venom, The Blue, and Blocks Blocks Blocks. Jim Guthrie (who runs Three Gut, get the joke yet?) has an established solo career, but plays currently with Islands and historically as a member of Royal City. Nathan Lawr was in Royal City, plays drums for the Fembots (Paper Bag Records) and Sea Snakes (Die!Venom)and has an established solo career. Shaw-Han Liem is I Am Robot And Proud, a member of Sea Snakes and the man who made Jim Guthrie's website. He is playing a show in Montreal this August with Nathan Lawr. Owen Pallett (Blocks..) fits into the group because he played strings on Mr. Guthrie's albums. Lawr also played drums for The Constantines. The Blue House is a musical catalogue collective that distributes records and other things, prominently these artists. Grizzly Bear, everyones favourite New York Capella group, put out demos on Audraglint records that were mastered by the owner of Autumn Records, Greg Davis. Greg Davis' solo stuff is found on Car Park, whom caries Montag and Dan Deacon.

Nathan Lawr is busy, but thankfully making a stop here in Windsor tomorrow, May 18th at The Phog Lounge.

Music is here. Or here.

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