Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Montag is Monday in German. If any of you appreciate a good novel (or film) perhaps you will recall the name of the protagonist from Fahrenheit 451 was in deed Montag. But Montag is less familiarly known as Antoine Bédard's electronic musical project.

We may have posted a previous entry about his collaboration with Stars lead singer Amy Millan, producing the dreamy single Perfect Vision, but nonetheless I (and maybe Jon) have been a Montag fan for some time now. He is featured on The Blue House dot org, the new Stars remix album (that is officially out now, and recieved a 1.8 on Pitchfork) as well as a compilation I've spoken about before entitled See You On The Moon (which also features Great Lake Swimmers, Sufjan Stevens, The Fembots, etc).

Well, Montag's got a new single. Best Boy Electric, it is called. Listen to it __here__, and buy it after. Other great tracks off of the new CD (titled Going Places) include Mechanical Kids, Alice, and 322 Water.

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RawSteel said...

I'm diggin' most of this album. It does slow down a bit near the end. Thanks for the translation and "reference".