Friday, February 2, 2007


No, not Matthew Good. More good. More charm, more synth, more fun. I'd say the only band who wins at their own game is Tears For Fears.

Our fellow comrade Jason is involved in an electronic music project, to compensate for the loss of his well worn acoustic guitar--or at least I like to dream so. Using the tools available (illegally) to content young adults, Filed Under: Music creates quintessential jolly music. Spoon janglin', knee smackin' southern jolly. It's none of that, and it's all of that.

I would again dream that the songs come together as Jay and Fruity looping-master Jordan add childhood favourite NES blips in harmony with words and guitar. Credit also must be given to the recently departed Alyssa, who provided vox to the single linked below, "Apparitions In The Atmosphere". Other tracks, such as "August Wasn't So Lo[nely]" are fully revealed guitar-only ghost quality songs. I would still encourage them to add further electro elements to the song, as I think it's a sure strong point.

The Breakthrough recently featured the track below, which can now be downloaded and iPod'd. I already did both.

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Thanks very much Tommy