Sunday, February 4, 2007

(Role) Model Photographer

Model Photographer, from Seattle, play Seattle music. I can tell by just listening that they've walked through rain showers and mountains. They even ventured north in '86 to see the expo in Van-City, presumably.

The guys are offering their first CD for free online, downloadable via their homepage. To quote them directly, "..the idea of doing the standard "PROMOTE! PROMOTE! SELL! SELL!" method of getting the word out about this album became increasingly repulsive and exhausting to think about."

That's pretty cool by my standards. Opening track "Gone" spells Minus The Bear like crazy. But it's cool, because they're Mac users. "Cassette Tape" would be my ideal single. Check it all out. iPod it, share it, add them on myspace.

Listen for them on The Breakthrough, as this upcoming Feb 8th episode will feature all previously unplayed songs!


amda said...

alex rose played with minus the bear on keys and helped them on menos el oso.

gus the elephant said...

For those who don't know, Amanda introduced me to this band. That's Amanda ^.

gus the elephant said...

Oh yeah, thanks Amanda :)

amda said...

you're very welcome.

gus the elephant said...

I hope so, for all I've done for you and everything :)