Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Great Canadian Thunder Stealing Incident

Oh me, oh my. The White Stripes in Canada. I never would've thought, after being turned on to White Blood Cells when I was still just a young kid, that their grandeur would afford them the most enthusiastic tour I can recall inside the The Great White North. Nevertheless, their secret shows all across Canada (one of which my cousin in London was able to witness, before they played the John Labatt Center) were on par with the ever praised holy grail of Canadian indie, when Montrealers The Arcade Fire completely wowed the audience of a 200-seat Polish church (in which stood a former principal of mine who scored tickets online.)

At the core of all of this is good, honest fun. The White Stripes need not showcase their talent, extravagant ways or wardrobe to us citizens. We understand them. And when the premise for their Saint John show involves playing a single chord/single drum beat, you know they understand it's all just fun too.

____LINK++++ (To the video of the entire show)

The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba (Live at the Hotel Yorba)

It's rumoured when Jack and Meg were married, they spent their honeymoon at the Hotel Yorba.

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John Mutford said...

I had the opportunity to see them here in Iqaluit- amazing. I know they're from Detroit, but as far as I'm concerned, until a Canadian band takes on such a tour, the White Stripes is the best Canadian Band to come along in a LONG time.