Monday, July 23, 2007

O B jzhou

Mission Memoirs, Series I, Part I, Take III

As I'm perusing through the selection of Ohbijou videos that Youtube has to offer, I run across a promotional video; the type record labels will often use. It was very interesting to watch because of the unorthodox style of promotion. Need not exercise memory of offshoot antics, need not apply here. The video was more concerned with their current story, practising in their basement as friends--7 of them together--telling stories of moments in time. But at 2:08 into the video, I notice a bright red shirt with capitalized, bolded Times font reading "Bolohan Constr." Mr Bolohan, of Bolohan Construction, was my fathers good friend from University. The company was started both by his brother and himself, in Tilbury. Me being observant? Yes, as always. Me being surprised by the condensed nature of this world? Not at all.

Although not close to being a Phiten titanium necklace, this song sure makes me croon for love.

Ohbijou - The Woods (Demo, recorded live)

The Ontario band is gaining some incredibly deserved recognition for their debut album Swift Feet For Troubling Times. Thankfully, wherever I go to school next year will be within a couple hours tour distance from the band. Henceforth, a chance to see them live. I hope they like the young fans...

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