Monday, July 9, 2007

Monsters Under My Bed

There have been monsters under my bed for as long as I can remember and I refuse to believe otherwise.
That is all.

Yes I know he was stereogum's artist of the week last week, but I don't care because I have something they don't and according to my half-ass google, hype machine, and search nobody does.

The fun-fucking-tabulous Mp3

Eugene McGuinness - Monsters Under the Bed


PS Thom needs to stop his ego masturbation ASAP. And so help me if he edits this.


Anonymous said...

this mp3 no longer works =/

Russell said...

works for me!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've been looking for this mp3 for a month now! Wasn't on iTunes or anywhere else. Thanks for this great song!

ally said...

hey thank you

Cory said...

Thanks soo much, I've been looking for this song for almost a year

Milissa said...

Im sooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaad!


It didnt work for me either!

Someone pleeeeeeeaaaaase put it on limewire or something. I cant find it ANYWHERE!! *tear*