Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Polaris Prize

The Polaris Prize Short list was announced about an hour ago and it goes as follows:

The Arcade Fire "Neon Bible"
The Besnard Lakes "...Are The Dark Horse"
The Dears "Gang Of Losers"
Julie Doiron "Woke Myself Up"
Feist "The Reminder"
Junior Boys "So This Is Goodbye"
Miracle Fortress "Five Roses"
Joel Plaskett Emergency "Ashtray Rock"
Chad Van Gaalen "Skelliconnection"
Patrick Watson "Close To Paradise"

You may or may not have noticed that both hip-hop and the West Coast were almost completely snubbed this year. Chad Van Gaalen is the lone westerner. Oh Well, maybe their hard-on for Montreal will subside before next year.

You may or may not have also noticed that The Breakthrough has played EVERY band listed above, and was without a doubt the first show on CJAM 91.5fm to play Miracle Fortress (in specific, Thom's favourite track "Next Train")

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