Thursday, February 21, 2008

I think I am dying

My stomach hurts....

Todays Playlist:

Shad-Brother (Watching)

The Libertines-Up the Bracket

British Sea Power-Waving Flags

The Helio Sequence-Keep Your Eyes Ahead

The Mountain Goats-San Bernardino

Hello, Blue Roses-Hello, Blue Roses

Throw me the Statue-Yucatan Gold

Bran Van 3000-House Lights

Black Mountain-Stormy High

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists-Timorous Me

Danielson-Did I step on your trumpet?

Plants and Animals-Good Friends

Jens Lekman-Black Cab

Lily Frost-Enchantment

Vampire Weekend-The Kids Don't Stand a Chance

Joel Plaskett-Work out Fine

Twilight Hotel-Slumber Queen

Xiu Xiu-I do what I want, When I want

Apostle of Hustle-Charade (Henry Mancini cover)

The Whigs-Right Hand on My Heart


Elbow Beach Surf Club-Turf Dream

Loney, Dear-The Battle of Trinidad and Tobango

Harvey Danger-Wine, Women and Song


Anonymous said...

learn to spell!

johnnehm said...

I swear that I spelt it right...

Anonymous said...

AH! you lie!