Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today's Playlist

If you were wondering why we were nasally and drowsy this morning it is because Thom is under the weather, and I was skiing all day yesterday. The more you know!

Today's Playlist:

james murdoch-give me your love
hot chip-out at the pictures
animal names-kurt cobain road
luke doucet-the comandante
apostle of hustle-el enceuntro
apostle of hustle-fast pony for victor jara
hayden-did I wake up beside you
cadence weapon-in search of the youth crew
the whitsundays-I want it all
the locusts have no king-down here
american music club-the windows on the world
plants and animals-bye bye bye
plants and animals-good friend
viva voce-fashionably lonely
orillia opry-I lied
ida-worried mind blues
stephen malkmus-real emotional trash
television-marquee moon

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