Friday, May 2, 2008


I'm wondering: just how much does being a Canadian effect my taste in Canadian music? Am I biased to Canadian artists because they are from the same country I am? Do I have a particular pessimism toward American artists? British artists?

I really don't like British's just something about them. Maybe Jon can do a Brit-tribute post for me.


Norman said...

Man, if I was a contributor, I would definitely do that post for you. By the way, I somtimes feel the same way about British bands, and then I actually listen to their music. I change my mind rather fast about that.

johnnehm said...

All Libertines all the time./

Yeah I will do a post tonight. I have a paper I am writing for no reason other than to write it, called "The Myth of Canadian Culture, and the mess that is CanCon."

gus the elephant said...

You truly are crazy!