Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Real Tom Waits

A little while ago I spoke about my love for Tom Waits, and recently my disdain for Scarlet Johansson, and from that discussion arose my recent string of Tom Waits listening.

I am going to do a bunch of songs that Tom wrote and later were picked up by other acts (for better or worse).

Tom Waits - Anywhere I Lay My Head

Tom Waits - Downtown Train

Tom Waits - Time

Tom Waits - Martha

Tom Waits - Ol' 55

At least these are the ones I remember other artist covering, anymore to add and I will post them.

Tour Dates:

06-17 Phoenix, AZ
06-18 Phoenix, AZ
06-20 El Paso, TX
06-22 Houston, TX
06-23 Dallas, TX
06-25 Tulsa, OK
06-26 St. Louis, MO
06-28 Columbus, OH
06-29 Knoxville, TN
07-01 Jacksonville, FL
07-02 Mobile, AL
07-03 Birmingham, AL
07-05 Atlanta, GA

Press Conference:


Anonymous said...

sick sick sick
ramones did i don't wanna grow up
who else has done noteworthy covers of anywhere i lay my head? i only know of btmi! but id love to hear other less delicious vocals sing it

Norman said...

I agree, with the above,
the ramones did a three chord version of I don't want to grow up and Bruce Springsteen did Jersey Girl. A couple others are The violent femmes doing step right up and Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis covered by Neko Case.