Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shutter Shades.

I think all people who wear shutter shades should be sent to live on an ice flow, that way; 1) We don't have to see their stupid idea of retro-fashion assaulting our vulnerable eyes, 2) the light from the sun will bounce off the ice, rendering the shutters useless and 3) the newly endangered polar bears will have food to hopefully sustain them longer.

Black Kids not only have an extremely undescriptive name, but also a rockin sound. I have ignored them due to the nod they got from "Rolling Stone". It seems the stone has only picked up shit on its long slow decline to the bottom, but they are the exception to that rule.

Album out on July 7

Black Kids - Hurricane Jane


Anonymous said...

um actually im a really big supporter of the shutter shades.

johnnehm said...

Then you can be the mayor of the ice-flow, Mr/Ms. Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Well i liked Shutter Shades before i seen paris wearing them !