Thursday, May 8, 2008

Todays Playlist

This week's instalment of Blog Radio, or The Breakthrough (Thom and Jon in the Morning).

artist song
The Weakerthans -(Manifest)
The Weakerthans -The Reason
The Weakerthans -Reconstruction Site
What Made Milwaukee Famous -Blood, Sweat and fears
What Made Milwaukee Famous -Cheap Wine
What Made Milwaukee Famous -The Right Place
T.W. Walsh -Drunk and Poor
T.W. Walsh -The New North American Friction
T.W. Walsh -The Polite Way to Rob a Bank
rogue wave -chicago x 12
rogue wave -lake michigan
Fancey -Witches Night
Fancey -Lost in Twilight
Fancey -Karma's Out to Get Me
Crystal Castles -Untrust Us
Crystal Castles -Crimewave
Islands -Rough Gem
Islands -Volcanoes
Animal Collective -Peace Bone
Destroyer -Blue Flower/Blue Flame
Destroyer -Dark Leaves from a Thread
Hayden -Lonely Security Guard
Beach House -Turtle Island


gus the elephant said...

We're kind of lazy...

Jnehmeta said...

You sure are

Jnehmeta said...

By the way, the previous comment was posted by myself, Norman.