Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Confessions of a Hip-Hop Fan

"I think we are all in the closet about something"

One of the most definitive comments that anyone has ever uttered into my often inattentive ears. This statement although often reserved for those of us that chose to lead an alternative lifestyle, I will be using for another lifestyle choice. The Hip-Hop lifestyle. I know what your mind must be conjuring up at this point and no doubt the main thoughts are ones of confusion, mainly why would a Middle-Class suburban male who does not have a single ounce of oppression or alienation in him be listening to the very music that came to symbolize the release valve for the youth suffering from these things in the inner-cities of the world. Well my friends it is time for us to leave our respected closets and come out to the world.

It is our time to say, "World, I am here and I am a hip-hop fan!"

No longer should we fear the condescending stares of others for our love of an art form that has evolved over years and still has not garnered the respect it deserves. Well my friends I am here to tell you....

I really have no idea where I am going with this post. Seriously, comparing hip-hop to homosexuality?

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