Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where have all the rhubarb boys gone?

Where have they hidden? I've been away, but Jon has just not updated! I've yet to indulge in certain books, yet to redeem coupons that expired today and yet to reach equilibrium. Here's all I got tonight, as it's been a long week.

Ron Sexsmith will be in Amherstburg this upcoming September 6th for the Erie Shores Wine Festival. Tickets are 20,00$ in advanced. This song is from Blue Boy, released back in 2001.

Ron Sexsmith - Cheap Hotel

Hey you in the car, stay out of my bedroom! You weren't invited and you wouldn't know what to do anyways.


Anonymous said...

Jon has a woman, and you can't spell "they".

gus the elephant said...

very original comment.

johnnehm said...

I have a women?

I own a women?

This is news to me...