Thursday, August 2, 2007

Planning to Conspire

Mad props right away goes out to Jonathon Nehmetallah. While I was sick, alone in my sweaty bed, Jon and compadre Norman (which I have a stuffed duck-fake duck-of the same name) did an excellent job taking over The Breakthrough. My cold held me like a crystal in my bed and then on the couch while hours stacked to nearly 3pm. Jon ultimately never got his phone call, which I apologize for, but it doesn't matter--not because I'm a rude friend--but because I'll make it up by taking him to a ballgame. His eyes better not slip past that last sentence, which appears to be against him if it were not for the second half.

Nevertheless, this is a music blog and not Livejournal. I would officially proclaim this digital flag-in-the-ground a living organism of music journalism, but I'm afraid the definition of journalism in America includes the necessity of getting paid. Thus we are not journalists, but isolated bloggers. Fair enough, I say, thanks again Jon.

This is the new license plate for Oklahoma. Funny, isn't she? The music portion of this post goes to my main man, the fist of action against institutionalized racism, Mr Tay Zonday. I didn't hotlink, also.

Tay Zonday - Chocolate Rain

But next Thursday marks a tremendous landmark in the Northern, Indie Blog Hemisphere. The flag-in-the-ground I spoke of earlier returns here: next week is the official reunification of Thom and Jon, the forces of good and evil, respectively. Our show will revamp ourselves totally, revamp up the ramp to purity. Starting when school does, in the all-but-too-soon future: the return of your favourite Canadian indie program a la CJAM 91.5 fm, redefining radio in Windsor and Detroit.

For there have been too many crying mothers, crying babies, crying fathers--whose distress, at the cause of the dissolution of segments such as The Royal Canadian Solute, City vs. City and Rock, Paper, Scissors--can only be reversed with the reinstitution of segments such as The Royal Canadian Solute, City vs. City and Rock, Paper, Scissors. I thank you, reader, listener, and more importantly friend, for getting through all of this, and understanding the sentiments in this post, and in every post we get to share with you.

This is not a letter of resignation,

With Love,
Thom (1/2)

P.S You didn't think I'd really post "Chocolate Rain" did you? But then you actually downloaded it and realized it's a good song.
P.P.S Equally qualified Jon? You think Norm is equally qualified? What the fuck is this nonsense?


johnnehm said...

I had to boost the poor kids ego.

And I salute you my friend (best friend, dare I say it) on such a fine, fine piece of literature that blog post turned out to be.

I will hold you to the baseball game.

Normand said...

Not equally qualified?
I beg to differ..