Friday, August 17, 2007

Slow down and breathe

Sometimes I feel as if CJAM is actually much much larger than one can conceive of in the on-air studio in the middle of the CJAM building, which sits idle in the basement of the CAW Student Centre at the University of Windsor. Sometimes it's almost as if the stars align perfectly, and there are synchronous values within Canadian independent music sources.

Take for example, todays generous feature on CBC Radio 3's blog: The Mohawk Lodge. The Mohawk Lodge are a band, of course, from the west coast on Vancouver's White Whale Records (alongside Castle Project and others). They've got a brand new CD out that's been playing like mad all over Canada and CJAM alike, but their debut features one of my favourite off-day songs. By off-day, I'm referring to the times when one can tap their feet without worrying of the coming evenings events, or when you just want to match the vocal harmony and the end of Making Music when he croons "Slow down and breathe", and you do so.

Well, it was those off-day qualities that prompted me to bring in a couple Mohawk Lodge tracks the very first day Jon and I did the Breakthrough on CJAM. If I'm not mistaken (which I might be, but still it's equally congratulatory that my memory is still somewhat accurate) The Mohawk Lodge's track "Making Music" was the first song I played. Regardless of if it was, or if Jon requested Cadence beforehand, it was a damn long time ago. Coincidence it must be, that we ran across their debut LP Rare Birds yesterday before our show and decided to spin "Making Music" one more time. But what an even greater coincidence is the fact CBC3 posted their song of the day today as THE MOHAWK LODGE - MAKING MUSIC!@!!

This is the second time CBC3 has copied Thom and Jon in the morning, with the first time escaping me at the moment. Here's a cool band.

Hey Rosetta! - Another Pilot

Slow down and breathe.


Michael said...

hey! first newfoundland band I've ever seen on a blog

gus the elephant said...

isnt mp3this great?
we really love canada.
well, thom definitely does. he doesn't take his luck at being birthed here for granted.

jon, any comment?

i think people who purposefully create music to try and establish an aesthetic for that geographic landmark fail more often than not. thankfully, hey rosetta! don't do that.

johnnehm said...

I think Canada can be better...

I mean its okay but it can be better.

Anonymous said...

The Mohawk Lodge rule! I saw them play last week here in Vancouver. They've come a long way, but, Making Music is definitely a great track.