Monday, August 27, 2007

Grumpy Forever

Hey cats and kittens (irony),

I'll be posting no more this summer. My affair with you is coming to its inevitable demise, foreseen with my duties being served elsewhere later this week and early the following. I'll be heading up to Toronto briefly to catch a show with my pal Pat, a Windsorite by choice (school) and score with the University dean's. Nonetheless, I've scouted out a wicked show to visit. For all you Torontonians awake and reading, head on over to The Boat this Wednesday night (@ 158 Augusta, just south of College) for a night filled with Prairie Cat and Gravity Wave.

Prairie Cat is where it's at right now for me. I'm in this musical stage where obscurity pisses me off, and anything with a G chord in it makes me want to hit something. But Prairie Cat isn't typical, nor does it matter if the songs involve a G chord, because the heartly-pop-goodness is what makes my Synapse lightning bolts content. The song "Trust Don't Rust" could fit in on Oh, Inverted World with it's bubble-sixties melody well-suited for what I've read to be a former Menomena opening slot. Myspace golden track "Payin' The Rent" would equate well on a new, hypothetical Jim Guthrie release.

I'm stopping no shorter than "I'm very excited to see them live in Toronto" with the exception of my prayers rooting for an all ages venue.

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