Monday, August 6, 2007


I'm leaving the new layout, maybe for another week or so. A few days won't hurt, would be nice if could save it like this (huddle laughing).

The new few days will feature some new and anticipated Canadian indie from a variety of genres. First and foremost are The Weakerthans, who are going to put out their 4th album (in over 10 years of existence) this fall. It's titled Reunion Tour, on-par with the short stump album names they go for (Fallow, Left and Leaving and Reconstruction Site) and an arm lengths behind tracks like Psalms for the Elks Lodge's Last Call and Confessions Of a Futon Revolutionist. This new one is called Night Windows.

The Weakerthans - Night Windows

If only they toured Detroit. Oh wait, Wednesday, October 24th - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick AA/18+. Although not listed on the Majestic's website, it's on Ticketmaster-which makes it official. This will make up for missing them on December 18th, 2004 in Detroit-the last time they got over here, 3 years ago.

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